Imagine a fixed point in the spacetime.
Imagine that there exists a place where every idea and every dream can come to life, even for an instant.
A place where you feel great, where reality is but a concept, not a law.
A place where infinite adventures, infinite lives ask, indeed, scream and beg to be lived, where every mere thought becomes reality.
This is what we are. We are theirs and yours desire, we are the eternal moment in which the courage to dare arises, a place where a sound becomes music and a demand becomes a challenge.
We are nothing and every thing, time and space, reality and fantasy.
We are the Pyramid.
And the Pyramid holds dreams, hopes, the will to create. As with every mystical place, it requires guardians, willing to test themselves, with the courage to try and build a better world, a different world from the one we were born in. The courage to fight for an ideal, bringing to life emotions that for too long have been dormant in humanity’s stagnation.
To us, reality was built to allow us to be reborn and to become Architects of Fantasy, creating in our minds better worlds, rediscovering ourselves as players, not pawns.
We embrace our joypads, mouses and keyboards, and we fight to create, finally, a new fixed point. Be the heroes of our worlds, or the villains of our universes.
Remember this day as the day in which fantasy has triumphed over reality.